Handbook & Code of Conduct

Handbook & Code of Conduct

Parent-Student Handbook & Code of Conduct

The Myrtle Avenue Elementary School Student & Parent Handbook has been developed to provide you with general information regarding District procedures and guidelines about a variety of topics of interest to Aiken parents and their children. Also available online is a copy of the Student Code of Conduct. Parents are encouraged to thoroughly review the document and mark or print sections of importance, such as Emergency School Closing Procedures.

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The Keystone Oaks Elementary Code of Conduct is designed to help teach young children responsible behavior. Just as students must learn academic skills, they must also acquire the requisite knowledge that will enable them to become responsible citizens. That means that they must learn the key attributes of ethical behavior including courage, compassion, integrity, justice, truth, reason, fairness, respect and honesty.

A positive school climate is characterized by quality teaching by instructors and effective learning by students. This requires a safe environment for all who work in and attend the schools along with an emphasis on citizenship and adherence to rules applied equitably and fairly to all in the KO community. We believe that parents/guardians are essential partners in the educational process and are equally and must be properly involved and accountable for the achievement and behavior of their children.

The elementary disciplinary program makes provision for the school and home to intervene in inappropriate student behavior as soon as possible. This early intervention permits the school to call this conduct to the attention of the student and the parent or guardian, giving parents/guardians and school personnel and the opportunity to closely work together.

The codes of conduct are designed to set high expectations for student behavior in support of learning. Expectations for behavior increase with the age and grade of the student. The codes include graduated sanctions for unacceptable and inappropriate behaviors as they increase in frequency, severity and/or duration.

Each school has the option to set school-specific behavioral expectations consistent with these school board approved guidelines. The district guidelines were designed to promote consistency of behavioral expectations and of consequences for unacceptable behavior. Please review your child(ren)'s student/parent handbook to familiarize yourself and family with the stated behavioral expectations and the possible consequences of inappropriate behaviors. High behavioral expectations also apply when students ride the bus, are on school grounds before and after school, and participate in extra-curricular activities.

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