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Core Values

  • Communication: Expressing, receiving, and sharing information
  • Empathy: Acknowledging the perspective, emotions, and experiences of all stakeholders
  • Global Competence: Responding to and understanding diverse cultural practices and world viewpoints
  • Imagination: Envisioning creative and innovative ways to take risks and solve problems
  • Integrity: Making ethical choices and doing the right things regardless of personal gain
  • Learning: Acquiring, processing, and retaining information for life-long use
  • Motivation: Achieving goals through personal drive
  • Ownership: Having pride and taking responsibility for one's actions and their outcomes
  • Passion: Sparking the emotional connection that ignites one's purpose
  • Work: Being accountable and persevering

Beliefs & Guiding Principles

  • Learn when their instructional, social, and emotional needs are addressed. 
  • Participate in relevant, rigorous, and authentic learning experiences.
  • Respect themselves, adults, peers, and their school environment.
  • Engage in future-focused and interdisciplinary learning. 
  • Exhibit curiosity and explore individual learning interests. 
  • Demonstrate growth and/or mastery while advancing their learning. 
  • Experience learning through diverse environments. 
  • Participate in challenging experiences. 
  • Are life-long learners who prepare through continuous, meaningful professional development.
  • Enhance instruction using students' needs and interests. 
  • Encourage self-reflection and questioning. 
  • Maintain high expectations. 
  • Develop a positive rapport with all stakeholders.
  • Embrace innovation, experimentation, and risk-taking. 
  • Support student's academic, social and emotional well-being. 
  • Build knowledge, skills, community, and connections. 
Learning Communities
  • Take risks and share successes.
  • Invest in common goals. 
  • Align policies and practices. 
  • Provide real-world experiences. 
  • Encourage new and diverse ideas. 
  • Collaborate to support students' academic, social, and emotional well-being. 
  • Embrace innovation, experimentation, and growth. 
  • Demonstrate patience and understanding while implementing policies and practices. 
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