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All Keystone Oaks elementary school students will receive a strong foundation in library and information literacy skills. Regular visits to the library will provide students with exposure to a variety of print and electronic resources, as well as enhance the curriculum. The students' respectful use of the library and its materials will encourage responsibility and a life-long interest in reading.

Library classes meet once a week for 40 minutes. Although no report grade is given for library, certain skill activities may be included in the Language Arts evaluation.

The students' responsibilities are:

  • Follow established rules for proper behavior in the classroom
  • Return library books on time and in good condition
  • Actively participate in all library lessons
Parents should:
  • Remind students when books are due
  • Help students to care for library materials properly
Grade K-2 skills include, but are not limited to:
  • Proper book care
  • Identify parts of a book: title, author, illustrator, publisher and copyright date
  • Recognize how books are organized in the Easy/Everyone section
  • Identify the call number of an Easy/Everyone book and locate it on the shelf
  • Differentiate between fiction and nonfiction; locate each area in the library
  • Introduction to the online card catalog (OPAC)
  • Develop an appreciation for noted authors and illustrators of children's books
Grade 3-5 skills include, but are not limited to:
  • Review all previous instruction
  • Identify parts of a book: table of contents, glossary, index, appendix
  • Use the OPAC to perform an author, title and subject search
  • Use the OPAC to locate books on the shelves
  • Recognize and understand the use of the Dewey Decimal System as an organization tool
  • Use the Dewey Decimal System to locate books in the library
  • Use a variety of reference tools to locate needed information
  • Develop an appreciation for various literary genres


Frequently Asked Questions

When are my child's books due to the library?
Books are due each week on the day your child has library class. Books can be renewed each week.

How many books is my child able to check out each week?
Kindergarten checks out one book each week. All other grades are able to check out up to 2 each week.

What happens if my child forgets his/her book?
During library class, all students look for books to check out. If someone forgets a book, he/she places it on the "Saved Cart". Your child can bring in his/her library books the next day and check out the books saved the day before.

What happens if my child loses a book?
If your child loses a book, then the cost of the book is charged. This means that if the library paid $14.95 for the book, that is the price asked to be repaid.

What happens if I paid for a book and I find it later?

PLEASE send the book back to the library! I will gladly refund your money.

What is my child learning in library class?
Click on Library to the left for the activities going on in each class.
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