Spectator Code of Conduct

Spectator Code of Conduct

The Keystone Oaks Board of School Directors approved a Spectator Code of Conduct at their Business/Legislative Meeting on Tuesday, December 6, 2022. Effective immediately, the Spectator Code of Conduct will be enforced at all school-sponsored events. 

Consistent with the goals and expectations of the Keystone Oaks School District, the following Spectator Code of Conduct will be enforced at all school sponsored events. Spectators will: 

  1. Do their part to make school sponsored events positive experiences for everyone involved, including participants, coaches, officials, and other spectators.

  2. Learn and adhere to Keystone Oaks School District policies and the rules of the contest or event.

  3. Encourage good sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy, and being a positive role model.

  4. Not engage in any unsportsmanlike conduct, such as taunting or using profane or inappropriate language or gestures.

  5. Refrain from coaching student-athletes or directing student athletes during contests or events.

  6. Respect the decisions and authority of the officials and school administration.

  7. Promote a safe and healthy environment that is free from drugs, tobacco, and alcohol by refraining from possession and/or use of such at school sponsored events, including being under the influence.

Additionally, Policy 904: Public Attendance at School Events and Policy 907: School Visitors also apply to anyone attending an event sponsored by the Keystone Oaks School District. 


Spectators who violate the Code of Conduct or one of the above policies will be subject to the following consequences: 

  • First Violation: Warning 

  • Second Violation: Removal from the event.  

  • Third Violation:  Prohibited from school sponsored events for one calendar year

***Depending on the severity of the violation, spectators may be removed from the event by school personnel and/or law enforcement and charges may be filed.  

Spectators will be made aware of this policy prior to each event and signage will be posted at all facilities and fields. 

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