Sounds and Music Resources

Sounds and Music Resources

Music Meditation

Listening to music can be a gentle form of self-care when you are having unpleasant feelings. By choosing to focus on the music, we prevent our minds from being hijacked by whatever thought, feeling, or idea comes along. It is like a reset button for our body, mind, and heart, allowing us to rest and process what is happening within and around us. 

How to practice music meditation: 
1.Choose a relaxing song from the list below, or one of your own.
2. Get comfortable. Support yourself in a relaxed position. 
3. Press play and close your eyes.
4. Focus fully on the sound.
5. When your mind wanders - come back to the music.
6. Every time you come back, you are practicing meditation.
7. Stay with the music until the end of the song or set a timer if it's a longer set of songs.                                

Sounds and Music

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