Keystone Oaks Foundation for Educational Excellence

Keystone Oaks Foundation for Educational Excellence

About the Keystone Oaks Foundation for Educational Excellence

Founded in 2017, the Keystone Oaks Foundation for Educational Excellence is a nonprofit corporation whose primary purpose is to enhance the educational experiences of Keystone Oaks students by supporting excellence and innovation. 
In November 2016, a group of stakeholders came together to  determine how the community could support the Keystone Oaks School District through private donations. A group of individuals, including Keystone Oaks alumni and community leaders, formed a steering committee and a temporary Board of Directors for the purposes of adopting the paperwork necessary to become a tax-exempt organization. 
Now that the group can officially begin to accept donations, the Keystone Oaks Foundation for Educational Excellence is seeking individuals to serve on the Board of Directors. The qualifications for becoming a Director are:
  • Directors do not need to be residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. No more than three members of the Board of Directors may live outside of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 
  • At least one resident representative each from the communities of Castle Shannon, Dormont and Green Tree that resides in their respective community. 
  • One representative from the Keystone Oaks School District, preferably an administrator with a focus on K-12 programs and curriculum. This individual is a non-voting member. 
  • Between 2 and 8 members who have a connection to Keystone Oaks School District (alumni, business owners, etc.)

Individuals interested in serving on the Board of Directors are expected to meet the following qualifications: 

  • Directors should have diverse professional experiences, including: finance, legal, marketing, fundraising and working in or with the non-profit sector
  • Directors should have knowledge of the community and professional relationships with the private sector
  • Directors should have a passion for the Keystone Oaks School District’s mission and vision and a strong belief in the value of public education
  • The ideal board member is respectful, collaborative, dependable, a strong communicator, responsible, professional, and possesses a strong entrepreneurial spirit. 

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please reach out to:

Jeff Jesensky
Interim President
Keystone Oaks Foudnation for Educational Excellence 
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