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Let's Grab a Bite

When you think of school food there is a lot of hatred toward it and many people dislike eating it. What if your school allowed their students to leave during lunch hours to get food? Would you do it or do you think there should be regulations of who can and cannot?
Keystone Oaks food service assistant food director, Trista Boyes, thinks that students being able to go out and eat should be a privilege for the seniors.
“I think only the seniors should be able to and I think you should have to be doing academically well to do so also.”
An issue with this happening within the school would be student safety.
“If parents approve of the students going out to eat lunch it would not be the schools fault if something happened to said student, the school would most likely have a waiver so it would not be there liability,” said Boyes.
Another issue with this happening would be for the food service within the school.
“They would take a little bit of a hit if the students went out to each lunch, but not too big of a one because students wouldn't be able to do it every day,” Boyes continued.
Keystone Oaks High School junior, Taylor Logan, said she would love being able to do so.
“I think it would be great to be able to get a little bit of freedom and take a break from school and the teachers for a little,” said Logan.
“Students can leave school anytime; whether they get punished or not, it happens anyways.  I think people would still try to leave, but they would have to face the consequences,” stated Logan.
Kids talk about long school hours and being exhausted all the time, would this little break outside of the school would help?
“Yes, I think leaving for a short period of time would be a relief and a good break and produce a less stressful school day,” said Logan.
Sarah Gample, a junior at Keystone Oaks High School, has a similar opinion as Logan.
“I think lunch outside of school would be a good idea it would be a nice refreshing break from school itself.  Negatives would be money because if you did it everyday, it would cost a lot and time. You may not be back in time, and there's nothing you can do about that.”
Another point Gample made was students may not purposefully abuse the privilege, but they may accidentally not make it back on time.

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