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The Grim Reaper came to Take Lives at Keystone Oaks High School

The SADD club of Keystone Oaks Highschool put on the Grim Reaper event that took place on November 26, 2019. The meaning behind this is to show kids what could happen from drinking or taking drugs before getting behind the wheel. Students from each grade took part in this event to spread awareness.

Mrs. Kraemer the person who runs the SADD club, sat down and talked about the Grim Reaper event that took place in the school.

“The event is inspired by Black Wednesday, a night when college students go out drinking and get into accidents from drunk driving.”

There were 12 students in all that took a role in the event, and as the students died, their faces were painted. The students were not allowed to talk to anybody at all except for when required in class.

Sophomore student Zetta Randall, who is in SADD talked about the event they took part in. She went through the whole day with her face painted and not speaking to any of her friends.
“My friends had reactions.  Some were a little freaked out and others kind of found it funny,”

Randall loved volunteering for this event and would do it again to help spread the awareness to help people out.

“I felt good volunteering for this. I felt like I was doing something really good, and it was fun. Everyone that participated was really trying to bring awareness,” said Randall.

This event presented by the SADD will hopefully spread out awareness to the students of Keystone Oaks Highschool.

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