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AP Comparative Government and Politics Comes to Keystone Oaks

Excitement has hit Keystone Oaks as a new AP class has been added – AP Comparative Government and Politics. Among the people excited is Mr. Murphy himself, who is teaching the class.

He decided to teach the class for several reasons, including his own interest in the subject, as he took several classes on Political Science in college.

He also expressed that “if I am able to add one more AP class to the mix and make KO better, I’m happy to help KO as a school district.”

“To be a transmitter of information, and to pass on knowledge of things that I have lived through, that has a lot of meaning.”

The class will be a study of the governments and cultures of six different nations (along with the United States): Russia, China, Nigeria, Great Britain, Mexico, and Iran. A variety of nations has been chosen to expand the knowledge of the students, and Murphy feels that by mastering the governments of these places, people will eventually be able to understand almost all of the governments and the world, and their minds will broaden as they begin to understand the connections, the impact of government actions, and the different cultures that exist.

For students planning on taking this class, Murphy commented that this is different from some of the other AP history courses offered at the school. He says that it is not so much detail-oriented, but instead it is a course that “stimulates the brain to think about framework, and fine-tuning about how one looks at government.”

All in all, Murphy is quite excited to teach the course, and members of the student body are also looking forward to learning more.

“I want to learn about other countries, not just my own,” sophomore Chris Lisle commented. “I expect a challenging course that is still helping me get knowledge about the world.”

Lisle also said that he thinks the class will be helpful for his future, as it will give him common knowledge for when he travels around the world.

If you're interested, sign up for AP Comparative Government and Politics when you're scheduling this year!

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