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Rising college costs could make college unaffordable for many

According to the March 17th article on website Buzzfeed News, the annual percentage for college tuition costs have been raising by 4-6% annually. This means that by the year 2030, students may be paying almost half a million dollars for a degree, or $121,078 for a private college, versus $54,070 for a public one. Though a high percentage of students in the United States apply for scholarships and grants, that still leaves a high cost for many to pay off. The rising price for a degree seemed to be concerning to many students, but it does not necessarily mean they would not still apply to colleges.
Senior Chris Lisle, attending a university this fall, spoke his concerns over the rising cost because of what it may mean for not only him, but the people who aid him day-to-day.
“I would not want that burden on my family. I would consider a job in the workforce as much as deciding to pursue a high education,” he said.
It could be difficult for many families to afford, though the average income for families would also go up with the heavy cost. This spike also affects future generations, as one sophomore described it would be hard for his family to send him, as well as the rest of his family, with the current income they have now.
Briana Zaharko, another senior, stated that she would choose to still acquire a higher education.
“I would only see myself attending if I could receive some scholarships,” she said.
At a time where the annual rate for a higher education is increasing each year, there is an even larger choice for students to make a decision on what is best for them. The question of whether to join the workforce directly out of high school or go for a degree rests in how students feel it will benefit them in the long run. Debt would affect them for an extended period of time, and students are left wondering if it would be more beneficial for them to not attend college.

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