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Should there be Chromebooks in every class?

Students at Keystone Oaks feel as though each classroom should have its own set of Chromebooks, of course unless the teacher doesn't want them in their learning plan throughout the year. The teachers who do use them, especially the English teachers, ofthentimes use them on a daily or weekly basis. Even teachers feel that they should have Chromebooks in their class.
“I would benefit because we would always have access to a computer which some people aren't able to get on at home,” said freshman Patricia Jackson.
Students only have selective classes that they actually use the Chromebooks in. They feel they shouldn't have it in math or science classes, but in mostly in English and history, creative writing, journalism, and poetry, which mainly includes typing essays and needing a computer to type those essays.
“I mainly use the Chromebooks in either history or English” said sophomore Sydney Kayduck.
This would cost a lot of money, but it would be worth it considering how many kids will use then and how long they will last. You can't get a virus because all inappropriate content is blocked by the school, no students can steal them because they're programmed by the school and have a tracker inside them. Students actually use Chromebooks a lot, so the usage would outweight the price for all of them.
“I use a Chromebook almost every day depending on who has it that day, and it's a lot easier to learn on them,” said sophomore Riley Knavish.
So, why do students like the Chromebooks so much?
“I like the Chromebooks because they have Google Docs where I can save the document to one Chromebook and open on another later in time,” said junior Allison Karp.
Students would be excited if all teachers had Chromebooks. It would benefit teachers like because there would not be any disagreements on who should have the Chromebooks on what day.

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