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Keystone Oaks cheerleaders

Last Friday Night! ..
After a dull, dragging week of obnoxious school work, suddenly the students find themselves traveling full speed ahead to the long awaited weekend! For some this means the end of school, followed by a long therapeutic secession of Netflix. However for others, this is just the start of a weekend tradition as old as the high school itself. That's right, it's GAMEDAY, throw on your lucky socks, get your game face on, and come to life as the Eagles battle it out with another team! The players are ready, the band is marching onto the field, the fans are huddled in their corner, and everyone is fired up!... Except we've seem to have forgotten some very important people.

They Cheer You On, Now Let's Hear it for them!...
So who did I miss? Well if you set your gaze to the sidelines as of recent, it be hard not to notice the three rows of uniformed girls jetting out from the student section. Keystone Oaks, I present you the Golden Eagles Varsity cheerleading squad! Well, the cheerleaders are just a cliché football thing right? HA, WRONG! A cheerleader’s day doesn't end after the boys of fall, especially at Keystone Oaks. The girls typically cheer through summer boot camp, fall football, winter basketball and wrestling, and competition in the spring. That's right, folks, a whole year of cheer. Bringing to the field countless cheers, several band dances, high flying stunts, and untamable energy, the cheerleaders tackle the Friday night routine like a boss.
Speaking of bosses, let's talk about our senior cheerleaders. This year is by far one of the most interesting for the upperclassman. On the squad currently there are ten soon to be graduating seniors. Ten girls! That have all nearly served at least two years cheering for KO. That's one way to spell out commitment. After attending a practice, I asked the girls to respond to the following survey, below are their answers.
Survey Says.... DING!
State your name, your stunting position, your favorite experience cheerleading experience, your favorite theme night KO has ever done, and your favorite season.
Jordyn Schmid, backspot, captain, Favorite experience is spending every Friday night with some of my closest friends, favorite theme is pink out and football.
Sydney Leckie, cheerleader, flyer, captain. Favorite experience- practically growing up with these girls and just being with them every year doing what we love. pink out football season.
Olivia Getty, backspot/base, favorite experience is being able t have fun with a the girls. Black out, and favorite season is football duhhh!
Faith Boyes, backspot/base, favorite experience is getting to share so many great memories with all the girls, KO Krazie and favorite season is football
Kayla Gillner, front spot, my favorite experience was spending friday night with all the girls, pink out , and favorite season is football
Courteney Stanley, front spot , favorite experience is being with all of the girls my senior, pink out , and favorite season is football
MacKenzie Kirsch, flyer, my favorite memory cheering has been getting hyped up and cheering on the sidelines for Friday night games during football season with my fellow teammates, USA night, my favorite sport to cheer for is football
Nicole Sobieralski, base, favorite experience is cheering varsity with my little sister, pink out, and I like football season the most
Melanie Schuler, main base , favorite experience is getting to have great bonds with great girls , Halloween night , football season
Jasalyn Colabove, main base, favorite experience is enjoying bus rides with my girls, Pink out, football season

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