Employee Excellence Award

Employee Excellence Award

2022-2023 Golden Eagle Employee Excellence Award

Purpose of the Award
To recognize Keystone Oaks employees who embody the District’s Mission, Vision & Values and who go above and beyond for all Keystone Oaks students. The Keystone Oaks Employee Excellence Award will strive to recognize employees who are innovative, creative, collaborative, and who are leaders in their classroom, department, building, or within the District.

Nominations can be submitted online: https://forms.gle/eVVeb1JBSfVDKW9C7
Nominations are due by Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

All Keystone Oaks permanent full- and part-time employees are eligible for the award, including administrators, classroom teachers, paraprofessionals, secretaries, food service employees, and members of the maintenance and custodial staff.

Nomination & Selection Process
  • A committee made up of one representative from the following: food service department, buildings & grounds department, secretaries/paraprofessionals, and administration, in addition to the award recipients from 2018 & 2019, as well as one student representation from each of the five buildings shall have the responsibility for selecting the recipients of the 2022-2023 Golden Eagle Employee Excellence Award. Members of the committee shall serve for one year and are not eligible for the award during their year on the committee.

  • The Coordinator of Communications & Public Relations will be responsible for coordinating the review committee.

  • Members of the review committee will be provided with a list of nominees by Monday, January 30, 2023. The list of nominees will not include the nominee's name, but will only include the information provided in the nomination.

  • Members of the committee will vote for three individuals during the first round. A second round of reviews will take place and the committee will select up to three individuals to receive  a Golden Eagle Employee Excellence Award. Recipients will be selected by March 31, 2023, with the announcement being made during Teacher Appreciation Week in May.

Nominee Requirements
A nominee must be an individual, not a department, grade level, etc. and must meet the following criteria:
  • Nominee must be a permanent full- or part-time employee of the Keystone Oaks School District. Substitute employees are not eligible for the Employee Excellence Award.
  • Nominee must have a positive attitude towards students, co-workers and the Keystone Oaks School District.
  • Nominee must exhibit a commitment to excellence in carrying out their job responsibilities.
  • Nominee must not have any disciplinary action pending.
  • Nominations may be made by anyone with an affiliation to the Keystone Oaks School District, including students, employees, parents/guardians, alumni, and members of the community.
  • Nominees who do not receive the award for the year in which they were nominated will remain in the nomination pool for one more year.

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