Counseling Services

Counseling Services

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*Classroom Counseling Curriculum:   *Small Group Support:

Through out the course of the year, the                                  Small group sessions may be utilized when 

school counselor conducts developmentally                          identified students have a common need that

appropriate school counseling lessons in                               may be creating a barrier to learning and/or

the classroom. These lessons our provided                            academic success. Small groups are made up of

through the Second Step                                                           3-6 students. Possible small group activities may

curriculum and teaches students                                              focus on social skills, grief and loss, divorce,

skills for learning, empathy, emotion                                         organization, or self-esteem. 

management and problem solving.                                          

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*Responsive Services:                                      *College & Career Services:

Day-to-day individual responsive services are                       Throughout the course of the year, the school 

available to meet the needs of your child.                              counselor will meet with classes to guide students

The school counseling office is a safe space                           through the Pittsburgh developed career readiness 

for your child to come and talk freely and feel                       program, Smart Futures. Pennsylvania is the first 

listened to. It is important to recognize that                          state in the US to require all students graduate with

that is a place within the school setting                                  a personalized career plan and portfolio that is tied to

in which your child can talk in confidence                               clearly defined K-12 career education benchmarks. 

about their personal struggles regarding behavior,              These benchmarks, called the PA Academic Standards

classroom/academic pressures, problems at home,             for Career Education and Work (CEW Standards) provide 

and/or struggles with friends. Students are told that            the curriculum roadmap that assures that all students

"What you say in here, stays in here". There are three          are prepared for 21st century success. Smart Futures

exceptions to this rule:                                                                 provides educators with, a K-12 career

 1) If someone is hurting you,                                                      planning and portfolio platform that helps schools

 2) You are hurting yourself,                                                        easily implement the CEW standards within any classroom

 3) If you plan to hurt someone else.                                         or virtually. To learn more about the CEW standards 

In one of those three cases, confidentiality will be                 required for students by the state of PA, you can visit: 

broken in order to get your child the help they need.


*Individual Counseling

For a few students who struggle, meeting one-on-one

 with a counselor regularly is a good fit. Please keep 

in mind, however, that this is not therapy. We take a 

short-term, solution-focused approach to help students 

overcome challenges that keep them from success at 

school. If a student is in need of further assistance, we 

will help families and students connect with the appropriate 

community resources to find the help that they need.  

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