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About the Strategic Plan
The Keystone Oaks School District has made a commitment to the concept, process, development, and implementation of a Strategic Plan. This Strategic Plan is in addition to the Comprehensive  Plan which was submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Education in February 2013. The Comprehensive Plan focused on four Goals:
  •  Establish a District system that fully ensures consistent implementation of standards aligned curricula across all schools for all students. 
  • Establish a District system that fully ensures the consistent implementation of effective instructional practices across all classrooms in each school.
  • Establish a District system that fully ensures staff members in every school use standards aligned assessments to monitor student achievement and adjust instructional practices.
  • Establish a District system that fully ensures barriers to student learning are addressed in order to increase student achievement and graduation rates. 
All four goals are focused on instruction, learning, and student achievement, the foundation of any school District. The Keystone Oaks Strategic Plan will encompass these goals and beyond, addressing all operations within the District and the connection between the District and the community.
While Strategic Planning is no longer a requirement under the new Chapter 4 Guidelines, which went into effect on March 1, 2014, it is important to the District that a plan is written and implemented to assure that the District is moving forward in its quest from becoming good to becoming great.
The Strategic Plan Committee represented a microcosm of the community and provided leadership in redefining the Missing, Vision, and Beliefs; this Committee also established Goals/Strategies that would assist the District in continuing its Mission, in reaching its Vision, and in putting its beliefs into action. Members of the Strategic Plan Committee collaborated on the key components of the Strategic Plan that would move the District forward in becoming a well-recognized District throughout the region, state, and nation.
The Strategic Plan is a system-wide, long term, coordinated effort that represents the path in which the District will take to moving from the conceptual to the applicable, from the printed word to the daily operations of every department and area of the District, with the major focus of improving upon what our students had yesterday by changing today to create a rich and rewarding experience for the future for each individual student of the Castle Shannon, Dormont and Green Tree communities. This is the path that will move the District from good to great. 
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