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2018 Committee List
Committee meetings of the Board of School Directors are held on various dates and times throughout the month. Please check the District Calendar for meeting dates and times. All Committee meetings are open to the public, except for the Personnel Committee. 

Rob Brownlee, Chairperson
Kristen Pauchnik, Co-Chairperson 
Raeann Lindsey 
Theresa Lydon
This committee collaborates with the Athletic Director on all activities involved with the athletics programs and related organizations, inclusive of booster clubs and relevant fund-raising initiatives. This committee collaborates with the Budget and Finance Committee regarding the development and monitoring of the athletics, activities, and related budgets. School activities and sponsors so identified in the KOEA Agreement are also governed by this committee.

Theresa Lydon, Chairperson
Raeann Lindsey
Kristen Pauchnik
The role of the budget and finance committee is to collaborate with the Business Manager to provide financial oversight for the district, while also having direct and ongoing involvement with the reviewing and monitoring of the district’s annual budget.

Neely Crowell, Chairperson
Matt Cesario
Santo Raso
This committee advises the administration on school and non-school publications, calendars, websites, social media, radio, television and internet broadcasts and other forms of communication as appropriate to communicate the activities and programs of the District. In addition, this committee’s responsibilities are to examine the communication needs of the district and make recommendations on requirements, purpose and costs of communication and related budgetary issues, as necessary.

Raeann Lindsey, Chairperson
Neely Crowell
Theresa Lydon
Kristen Pauchnik

The purpose of the Education Committee includes the following:

  • Consult with administrators to assess and monitor the progress and performance of all school programs, including academic features, academic clubs and extracurricular clubs
  • Consult with administrators to assess and monitor the progress and performance of all school programs by reviewing standardized testing and other outcomes measures
  • Listening to proposals from department heads, administrators, teachers and other staff  regarding recommended policy changes and new programs or areas of curriculum development/change
  • Understanding the changing school climate and being able to adapt to issues that are pertinent to our culture and the culture of other students, families and staff

Encourage the promotion of Keystone Oaks students, staff and faculty members. Provide regular opportunities for the school and its students and faculty to showcase their strengths by featuring these exceptional persons through presentations at board meetings and through the use of other social media. 

Matt Cesario, Chairperson

Rob Brownlee
Santo Raso
Annie Shaw
This committee has the responsibility to maintain and improve the district’s physical plant and grounds. The committee also recommends staffing levels and configurations necessary for said maintenance and improvement. In addition, this committee’s examines the transportation needs of the learners and make recommendations on transportation plans.  To the extent that cafeteria, technology, insurance and safety have needs in these areas, they are also covered.  Finally, this committee reviews budgetary items that enable all of these plans.

Matt Cesario, Chairperson
Annie Shaw, Co-Chairperson
Neely Crowell
Dave Hommrich
This committee collaborates with the Superintendent to identify personnel needs, develops plans to address those needs, and participates in the hiring process as necessary.  The committee also makes recommendations on the content of employment contracts, and HR policies and procedures.  For contracts that are entered into with collective bargaining units, this committee develops strategies for and participates in that process. 

Annie Shaw, Chairperson
Matt Cesario
Dave Hommrich
This committee writes new policies and reviews previous policies in order to address changes in legislation, statutes, case law and legal decisions, as well as social and educational issues. Board policies act as guidelines for the internal procedures of the District.

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