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Rain, Rain, Go Away: Pittsburgh’s Flooding Problem

A maelstrom of showers swept over Pittsburgh, drenching the city in record-breaking rainfall that flooded homes, streets, and dams throughout this September. A normal annual average of rainfall for Pittsburgh is 38.19 inches, the region is already well over 40 inches in the middle of the month. Point State Park, nested right by the rivers downtown, was virtually invisible after being submerged by the high waters.
Denise DeCollo, a local resident, suffered major flooding in her home this past June and feels awful seeing people suffer in September.
“My heart breaks looking at whole towns and cities under water and so many lives lost,” DeCollo stated.
What possible options are there to help protect families from flooding? Not much, it’s up to emergency services to alert the public as soon as knowledge arises.
“Just like many things in life, each flooding occurs for many reasons, so I don’t think there is one answer.”
With parts of Pennsylvania remaining under a flood watch due to the remnants of Hurricane Florence, the region hasn’t released itself from the trepidation brought upon by the weather. Hopefully, with sweater-weather fast approaching, the heavy rainfall will subside for the country’s sake.

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