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Should teachers give out homework?

For a long time, the debate of whether or not teachers should assign homework for students has been argued. Homework does have its benefits, but a student shouldn’t have to spend all night working. Both students and teachers at Keystone Oaks High School have their opinions on this subject.
For some students, homework does benefit them and they like having it.
“Practicing what you do in school outside of school definitely helps me out. It’s good to practice what you do in school to get better at it,” claimed junior Gillian Piccolino.
Even if homework is helpful for students, it can also be stressful. You may have multiple hours of homework, but also have to go to other activities such as clubs, sports, or any other things one may have to attend.
“Sometimes having homework is stressful. It’s just overwhelming thinking about all the things you have to do in the span of about three hours because most of us have extracurricular activities going on,” said freshman Sydney Stahl.
Teachers from Keystone Oaks High School believe that homework is a necessity. You have to practice the skills you learned in class to successfully learn something.
“One must practice the main topics to get from short-term memory to long- term memory. Drill and practice, just as athletes do. If you do this, it’s beneficial, without a doubt,” claimed history teacher John Murphy.
Homework may not be helpful in some ways, especially if students only rush through it and not take the time to actually comprehend what they’re learning. Most of the time, teachers only assign the amount of homework needed.
“If they give an honest effort, homework definitely helps the students. I only like to assign problems that will cause students to practice the skills that I taught in class,” said math teacher John McCarthy.
Overall, homework can be beneficial, but also cause a lot of stress.

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