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Carving in the Art Club’s pumpkin workshop

On Tuesday, October 24, the art club held their annual pumpkin workshop.
Pumpkins were $3 and carving kits were $1. Carving kits included a carving knife and a scooper to get the pumpkin seeds and guts out. You could also use a pumpkin scraper that didn’t carve directly into the pumpkin.
The workshop lasted from 3:00-5:00 PM. Students were assigned a pumpkin randomly and had two hours to carve their pumpkin at the school. Around ten students attended the workshop, including myself. Usually there tends to be a couple more students, but it was still enough for a workshop.
Mrs. Hruby said that the pumpkin workshop had been going on ever since the art club started, which was many years ago. (You can see the past years on the Art Club facebook page.)
When asked if the students ever kept the pumpkin at school, she said, “No, students come for the workshop to keep the pumpkins.”
Mrs Hruby said that “because there were so many pumpkins I have seen, I wouldn’t be able to remember what the most creative one was.”
While the workshop was going on, Mrs. Hruby ordered pizza and drinks, and put on Corpse Bride for the students to watch if they chose to.
Students seemed to really enjoy it, and a lot of them said that they would do it again next year.
Overall, there were many creative pumpkins between all of the students. There was a flower pumpkin, made by Sophie Granger, the KO logo on a pumpkin, a Harry Potter pumpkin, and many pumpkins with different faces. All of the students seemed to have fun, and everyone did a really good job.

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