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A new wave of ice cream opens in Mt. Lebanon

For years now people of all ages have been delighted by the sweet treat known as ice cream, but the old fashioned twist cone is quickly being replaced by a new fad called rolled ice cream. Many are straying from the normality of pre made ice cream that is created in a electronic machine, and moving more towards the well known Thai frozen dessert.
Commonly known as stir-fried ice cream this unique style is made by pouring a sweet milk onto an extremely cold stone that many say resembles a pizza pan. Metal spatulas or paint scrapers are used to chop up the various toppings into the cream and then are scrapped around to create air. Once the base is frozen it is thinly spread out and carefully scraped into individual rolls, hench why many call it rolled ice cream.
This new way of preparing ice cream is so popular because not only are new combinations of toppings and add-ons already on a menu, customers are able to pick and choose as many different combinations as they would like. Whether they want strawberries, cheesecake, or Oreos and peanut butter instead, the possibilities are endless.
Although most stores are in huge cities such as New York, recently a rolled ice cream store called 15 Degrees Fahrenheit recently opened in Mt. Lebanon on Washington Rd. Their grand opening was April 18th and is already off to a great start, with a line out the door and hungry bellies to feed there is never a dull moment. As of right now you can only order off a specific menu, but custom orders are available very soon!
Personally, ice cream is my favorite food, and there is not a single ice cream I’ve met that I didn’t like. That being said, in my opinion, rolled ice cream is very good. Because the dessert is freshly made in front of you, I think it tastes much fresher and much more natural. But due to the time and materials it takes to make each order individually, the price is much higher than your everyday Dairy Queen prices. The high price and lines you have to wait in are my only complaint when it comes to this style of ice cream, and I highly recommend it to everyone!

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