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How to balance school, sports and work

Students who go to school, play sports, and also work don't have much free time. Sometimes it's a struggle to get it all done. Students must be very organized, and sometimes give up their social life just to be able to do all of it. Here's how some students are able to juggle it.
Senior student, Kristy Lippert, attends Keystone Oaks, and the community college CCAC. She has a part-time job, and played this year for the girls basketball team and volleyball team. She even helps out and volunteers at her church.
When asked how she balances it all, she said, “I do most of my homework at school, in class. With practices everyday after school I don't have much time to do it at home.”
But she never lets her grades fall, she has been on the high honor roll all year.
Kristy is working 30 hours a week “I'll either work before or after my practices, my boss is very understanding and is flexible with my schedule”
Sometimes all that work and no break can be really overwhelming. Kristy says “The way I handle it is sometimes you have to take a break and hang out with friends and family”
Students shouldn't overwork themselves. With no break, it could all end badly. A good support system from friends and family is key to be able to juggle it all.
Junior student, Izzy Harris, attends Keystone Oaks, plays volleyball and is also working a part-time job.
“I like keeping myself busy, and with all these activities I'm always busy.”
The way that she balances it all is to always keep herself organized. She makes sure to keep a calendar for all her upcoming events, that way she’ll never forget.
Balancing school, work, and sports is a very doable thing. Students must keep organized, and make sure to not overwork themselves and take breaks once in awhile.

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