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Laura Poliziani goes above and beyond

Every week KDKA action news gives out an Extra Effort Award. Students who win the award have to meet high expectations. Last week, one of Keystone Oaks very own won the prestigious award. Laura Poliziani exceeded those expectations. Thanks to her, the beloved school had its spot in the limelight.
Carrying a GPA of 4.6, being captain of not only the volleyball team but also the softball squad, senior class vice president and yearbook editor, Poliziani represents this school with passion and pride. Most students strive to achieve just one of the feats Ms. Poliziani has accomplished. She has become a model for success in the eyes of her peers.
Zach Mckay, journalist in the past and current Keystone Oaks junior, believes one day he will win the award.
“I’ll do everything I can to become as iconic and hardworking as the previous recipients of the title.”
Past winners, such as Ashley Ferrari, set the tone last year. She was the blueprint for academic excellence for the young men and women enrolled in the school.
Faculty, friends and teammates of Laura have supported her entire high school career. Setting the bar high as a youngster, she was bound for greatness. Although the fame will diminish, no one will forget about her marvelous efforts.
Laura’s personal friend and teammate Jada Jones said, “I hope I can make a lasting impact just like her.”
With a fellow classmate winning, competition for the crown will surely heat up. Academics is the most important aspect to the students. Everyone will look to shine bright and make their teachers proud.

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