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Spring break for KO students

Students from Keystone Oaks have recently returned from their spring break on March 30th and most of them-well rested, while others are trudging on and waiting for the weekend. Taking an interest in traditional endeavors I asked freshman Isabella Simon about her activities that she took part in over her time off.
“I always enjoy spending time with family and friends during every holiday. We have a huge dinner with lots of people along with plenty of laughter and fun,” she said.
Some students say the way our spring break went this year was perfect timing because it split between two weeks which helped break up the usual five day school week.
“Our break being split in half was much better than a full week off. It’s nice to have it because it was something different and it wasn’t all at once which also could have benefitted the teachers too,” explained a freshman Nicole Detorakis.
I was also curious about their opinions on the amount of holiday breaks that we receive and their time span. I asked if it would be a good idea if we decreased the quantity our days off to give students a longer summer vacation.
“Even though it would be nice to have a few more days of summer vacation, I think the way we have it set up right now is nice because it gives us those great extra days off during the school year,” said Simon.
“I could go either way on this idea. Getting out of school earlier than usual sounds like a fantastic idea, but losing some of our days off during the school year might be tough for some students,” explained Detorakis.

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