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Students bid Hagy a farewell during the first pep rally of the year

On Friday, September 18th, 2015, Keystone Oaks said their final goodbyes to their principal of 18 years in a pretty unorthodox way: selfies. Scott Hagy, an honorable principal of almost two decades, has recently found a new passion to pursue during his retirement from teaching; He loves taking selfies...almost too much.
The students filed in the auditorium, chattering happily about getting out of class on a Friday afternoon and joined staff and teachers for what seemed to be a normal pep rally. Later that night, they would be playing a football game against East Allegheny, which they later won with a high score of 41-19.
“The kids played really well. They executed the gameplan and worked hard which paid off. The players were coming off of a hard loss from the week before but they stuck to the game plan that led them to victory.”
The Keystone Oaks Marching Band, led by Director Mr. Eibeck, was able to be heard over the loud yakking of all of the students, staff, and teachers in attendance. They played for Hagy to send him off with a bang. Junior band member Devin Brannon spoke about how it was an honor to play during the pep rally.
“It felt cool to be a part of his (Hagy) last day and I was very appreciative of him so it was nice playing on his last day.”
Students agreed that the band playing in the background was a nice way to usher in a feeling of pride during the past years Hagy had spent as principal.
The Keystone Oaks Varsity Cheerleaders were the first to give a quick performance to say goodbye to their beloved principal. They had rushed the week before to practice an original cheer that would send Hagy off right. Senior and team Captain, Taylor Spain, spoke about the cheer routine they performed in honor of their old principal.
“He inspired us to do something that would reflect his time as our principal. We didn’t have much time to put it together but I think it was the thought that counts.”
The students to speak first at the pep rally were football co-captains Leo Palmer and Joey Kazalas, who both gave heartwarming speeches about their time in high school with Hagy as their principal. It struck a chord in all of the upperclassmen hearts more than the freshmen because they had recently joined the high school, whereas other students had grown up with him as their principal. Senior, Abby Wockenfuss, spoke about how senior year will be different without Hagy.
“It’s definitely weird without him because he’s been there from the start. I want him (Hagy) to hand me my diploma. Even though he would say our names wrong, he still knew us.”

Pep Club had quickly put together a small presentation to commend Hagy that included a short video of different students and teachers talking about quick facts, such as his height, plans for retirement, and of course his name mispronunciation. Pep club member, Dana Nardozzi, was a part of the team that found the footage and edited the good parts down.
“We wanted to give Mr. Hagy one last laugh at K.O. If not, now at least people know more about his funny side,” said Nardozzi.
After those speeches, Hagy himself was given the opportunity to speak, and the first memory he spoke about was his mispronunciation of the names of his students. Keystone Oaks students will remember their old principal forever because of his name butchering.
Mr. Hagy began to wrap up his final farewells, but before he turned over the mic, and the reigns of the high school, he took the opportunity to make an odd request. He mentioned that he discovered the art of taking a selfie and asked students to try and break a school record of most selfies taken at the same time (as well as the most cell phone violations happening at the same time). Hagy stood on the stage, took out his iPhone, and counted down so he could get a picture with all of his old students in the background. Students returned the favor by taking out their own cell phones and getting a selfie with Hagy in the back. After the commotion settled down, Hagy politely asked the students to send him the pictures they had taken of themselves so that he could keep them.
Students didn’t mind the idea of holding pep rallies to boost school spirit. Brannon was asked whether he enjoyed the assembly to which he replied, “Yes because it's beneficial to school spirit and helps keep everyone united in a sense within the school. You want your sports teams to do well so you can derive a positive reputation for your school.”
Other students had a fun afternoon saying adieu to Hagy. Senior David Yantz agreed with Brannon and other peers about having a nice time during the assembly.
“The band was two inches from me and was playing as loud as they could, but I loved the video and maybe would want to see more of them”.
After 18 years of being in the Keystone Oaks District, Friday’s pep rally was an honorable way to thank and say goodbye to Mr. Scott Hagy for all that he has done for KO.

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