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The iPhone is my phone

Recently, I have had the pleasure of getting my hands on the world's most advanced cell phone. The iPhone 6s is by far the best Apple phone on the market. Due to its high resolution screen and new 3D touch feature, among many other complex features, this device is revolutionary.
According to Apple Inc., “the 3D touch is an entirely new way to interact with your phone,” which separates it from any other phone. On top of that, the iPhone is built with an astonishing 12MP camera. It takes brilliant 4K video, up to four times the resolution of a 1080p HD video. Even the games and apps work faster in this phone then in the past models. Upgrading from the iPhone 5c to the iPhone 6s was a great idea. Newer features that you are able to do on the 6s will change your life
Back in 2010 when I got my first flip phone, I didn't think phones could get any better. Never could have I imagined the strides in technology that Apple has made. The complex operating system underneath the screen can determine what action one would be attempting. Based on the pressure I would apply to the screen with a finger, the iPhone will determine if I am trying to access the app, delete it, or use the 3D touch. The 3D touch system allows you to take a shortcut through the app. It is incredibly useful. It blurs out the background to focus solely the app you are pressing on. It is without a doubt the first of its kind.
Faster wifi and clearer speakers top off the already ground breaking phone. As soon as I connect to wifi, my cell can search the internet as fast as I can type. The battery life is exceptional. I charge my phone overnight and it will last for at least 14 hours without charging again. Students in my school have gone on record stating that “the iPhone 6s is unique, dependable and extremely well put together”.
All in all Apple has out done themselves this time. If my phone can do the things it can do now, I can’t wait to see the iPhone 7. With new tech being released every day, the future Apple projects will be mind-blowing works of art. I have never felt so professional holding a phone to my ear.

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