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Ready! Set! Volley!

Success and entertainment are the main priority of the Keystone Oaks Boys Volleyball Team. With the season halfway over, it is tough to say if the boys will make playoffs.
Currently sitting on a 6-6 record overall, the Golden Eagles look to raise that number of victories as high as possible. The veteran coaching staff feels obtaining their goal by saying, “Put it this way, we have the potential of winning the conference.”
That type of enthusiasm is exactly what the boys need.
Freshman have never seemed more eager to play. Ninth grader and future star of the team, Cam Willson, feeds off of the juicy competition.
“Volleyball has a lot more to it than i thought. It is taken very seriously and expectations are filled with pressure,” Willson said.
His young spunk and gumption are fueled by great leaders and friends on the squad. Junior and Senior teammates seem to have a hard grasp on the leadership reigns.
Junior starter Devin Brannon is truly a one of a kind talent. Volleyball has just come naturally to him. Passion radiates from him like light from the sun.
He felt the best way to describe his band of brothers was by saying, “When playing at peak potential, the team’s athleticism and skill provide the opportunity for success against any opponent.”
Undeniably true encouragement.
First year Junior Richard Magyan describes his experience as “a fun activity to do with the guys. I hope we do well!”
He proved that even though someone might not have a single game of previous experience, they could still enjoy a great activity after school with a different crowd of people.
It’s unique situation for the school in regards to how fascinated by the sport everyone appears to be. People that don’t play have talked so much about how much they like seeing their friends play. Eric Douglas is a non athlete who loves volleyball.
“I love being able to see my pal Patrick do so well when he plays,” Douglas said.
Bre Hovan is another student attending Keystone Oaks that doesn’t participate in any sport who lives for volleyball season. She even keeps the book for the team when they play.
“My favorite part is seeing the boys beat an unlikely opponent. Underdog wins are always the best.”
These students exemplify the great pride KO holds for its sports teams.
The students and faculty all take part in going to the home games. KO Krazies, the student section, frequently cheer on the Eagles. Win or lose the KO Krazies have the team’s back. They wish the squad good luck on their journey to a state championship!

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