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Letter Regarding Honors & Advanced Placement Classes for the 2018-2019 School Year
As part of the District’s participation in the National Math & Science Initiative, we have spent a significant amount of time evaluating the courses that were being offered to high school students. During that process, it became apparent that some of the honors courses that were being offered covered the same content as Advanced Placement courses, but the students enrolled in the honors courses did not have the opportunity to earn college credit. In addition, we also reviewed the demand for courses after students began scheduling for the 2018-2019 school year in February. 

This year, three honors courses have been merged with comparable Advanced Placement courses, as explained below:
  • Students who would have enrolled in Honors Physics will now take AP Physics because the course content was the same. This also enabled the District to add AP Physics 2 to its available courses. These changes were reflected in the 2018-2019 Program of Studies, which was released in January.

  • Honors Calculus will not be offered because it covers the same content as AP Calculus and due to low enrollment.

  • Honors English 11 will not be offered due to low enrollment and the content of other AP courses. Students can now take AP English Literature and/or AP Language and Composition. 

By taking these Advanced Placement classes, students will have the opportunity to earn four college credits. Additionally, according to Keystone Oaks School Board Policy 106.1, courses with enrollment less than 12 may be eliminated. Combining courses helps keep enrollment above that minimum.

As always, the District’s number one priority is to do what is best for the students while also being mindful of the long-term sustainability of our course offerings. By merging Honors Physics, Honors Calculus and Honors English 11 with comparable Advanced Placement courses, we are giving students more opportunities to earn college credit while also ensuring sufficient enrollment in these courses. 

Please reach out to the High School Principal, Mr. Kushak, or your child’s school counselor with any questions. 

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