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Thanksgiving Traditions Thrive in KO

Thanksgiving, a holiday full of gratitude, a familial atmosphere, and delicious food. People across the U.S. have a variety of traditions on this day, from eating a particular meal to just treating it as any other day. Keystone Oaks has its fair share of Thanksgiving Day celebrators, as well.
For instance, math teacher Mrs. Kandrack explained, “We go over to my Aunt’s house; all the girls get together and we make perogies. The recipe is not written down or anything and it’s just passed down from my great grandma,” who, in fact, derives from Ukraine.
Others don’t have many traditions other than spending time with family, which could be what causes this holiday to stick to its roots more so than the others celebrated across the globe. Sure, there are still decorations and people who attempt to make money off of the day, but the younger generation has not forgotten how it originated.
As sophomore Liz Staab stated, “I’m most excited for seeing my family,” and she is thankful this year for “the good health of [her] relatives.”
To this day, people recognize Thanksgiving as a day to be spent with relatives and the people closest to you. Even Margrethe Egeli, a Norwegian foreign exchange student, has expressed that, for her first celebration of the national holiday.
She is most looking forward to “the atmosphere of the dinner.”
Despite the commercialization of today’s world, the Thanksgiving tradition of spending time with family lives on.

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