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Student Senate trying for fairness and equality

Student Senate was established in order to give the Keystone Oaks students a voice, a voice that not only helps the student body, but helps out the community.
It is not like students’ requests go unheard either. They have made significant changes to the boys’ restrooms by adding in much needed mirrors. Also, they have doubled the number of drinking fountains. One of their biggest tasks with the new principal, Mr. Hartbauer, is establishing a fair dress code for the student body. Be aware. It’s not easy to make changes without putting in the work.
Students need to attend the monthly meetings unless a valid excuse is presented. Also, the whole point is to have students voices heard. When the debates get heated, one should definitely put in thoughts and opinions. One of the valuable assets that is bestowed upon students is retaining the ability to take leadership.
An example of the many ideals learned from the club is how to interact with other people. It takes away social anxiety when a requirement is to share personal points of views. Among conquering that fear, one can overcome situations and pressing matters by problem-solving. The bonus skillset achieved is learning a portion of how politics work. Everyone can be a part of voting for a president.
Current officers Include; President Richard Novak, Vice President Jarod Cheslar, Secretary Kylie McCullough and last but not least Treasurer Vivi Besteman.
All in all, indulging in of all this extraordinary experience is quite liberating from a hard day at school and being apart of a team doesn’t require a ball.

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