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Best Friends Club holds Halloween dance
This year, the middle and high school Best Friends Clubs will be holding a Halloween dance for all the members of the club. The dance will be held in the high school gym on October 27th from 10:30AM to 12:30PM. The students will spend their morning dancing and celebrating with their peers.

The club has been collecting donations for buying decorations and preparing for the event. The club members will get excused from class to decorate, and then attend the dance.

“It’s a great experience and I really enjoy being with the kids! They are all so great to be around and have amazing personalities,” said president Caitlin Workmaster.

The dance is something great for the kids to look forward to and brightens their spirits;
it’s a good break at the end of the first quarter. All the members love hanging out with the kids and watching them have fun.

In past years, this event has been held with other schools in the area. This year, though, the dance is only with Keystone Oaks students. They have had up to five other schools attending the dance

“The students will all dress up in their costumes and we will provide them with chips, cookies, and drinks,” said vice president Grace Taylor

They have been working on the preparations for the dance for the past month and have over twenty members of the club helping. There will be a DJ for music and games for everyone to participate in during the dance. Overall, the dance is a wonderful way to bring students together and reward them for their hard work so far this year.