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Setting up all night
It’s the one night of the year that Keystone Oaks High School students have to pull an all-nighter. The girls’ volleyball team holds a fundraiser where teams compete in a volleyball tournament all night long. Students create their own teams and create t-shirts to display their name. Everyone brings sleeping bags and pillows to use when they are not competing, and they surround the hallway in front of the gym. In the end there is one winning team and a bunch of tired teenagers who just want to sleep.
The morning of November 22nd, the team “Watch Me Tip, Watch Me Nae Nae” came out on top. The team included Laura Poliziani, Amanda Buckley, Lucas Fievet, Hayley Frederick, Stephan Kelly-Kazalas, Nicole Sobieralski, Timmy Ali and Jordan Zange.
Poliziani, a senior and a four-year member of the girl's volleyball team, stated, “Every year we have a great turn out, including this year. Students from freshmen to seniors participated in this annual event.”
Her teammate, Buckley, chimed in saying, “When there’s three games going on at once, there's just no time to sleep! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.”
Senior Mary Denti, a player from an opposing team, “Spikological Warfare”, said, ”I had a great time competing with my team throughout the night, even though I'm not the most talented volleyball player there is.”
The thing about all night volleyball is one does not have to be very good at sports to participate; it's mostly about staying up all night and having a great time. It's also a bonus to the volleyball team because they make money for their account.
At the tournament there was music playing and food to be bought and games to be played.
“My favorite track that played was the new hit by Adele ‘Hello.’ It was definitely a song that woke me up and got me pumped for my game,” explained Denti.
Besides Adele, many other hits were played and kept the students running.
Zayne Jastrzebski, also part of the “Spikological Warfare”, said, “The food there was definitely my lifesaver and kept my inner beast fed.”
There was a variety of food that everyone could enjoy.
“There is something about all night volleyball that all the students love, the intensity of the games and the school spirit everyone brings,” described Ali, a senior on ‘Watch Me Tip, Watch Me Nae Nae’.
Many can agree with Ali that these memories will last for years to come. Let’s just say the bragging will never stop on who beat who, as well.