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The terrible case of senoritis
School is in full swing and we are starting the second nine weeks. For seniors they only have so many months left in their high school career. I, myself, am a senior and when I started writing this paper I had the first two sentences down, then I let it sit there for a week. Now it's a couple days before this is due and I'm stumped on what to write about.
This procrastination is called “senioritis;” it gets the best of all seniors. It starts with putting off work, slowly you stop doing the work and then you just don't have a care. All that is on your mind is graduating and starting your life. It's like the world is in slow motion these last few months and eventually we will be saying, “I wish I could stay in high school forever.” Then we move on to college and pay an incredible amount of money to get a piece of paper that will probably be worth nothing when we go for a job.
That’s okay because one day we will still be paying our college loans and probably doing a job that has nothing to do with what we learned in college. In the end, we will think back to high school and think, “Wow, we had it so easy, why would we ever want to leave it so fast?” It's the cycle of life and senioritis is a obstacle that every senior must overcome.