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Disappointing End for the Steelers' Season

The 2018 Pittsburgh Steelers football season came to a disappointing end, when the Baltimore Ravens beat the Cleveland Browns on a cold December day. This was the final game of the season, but for the Steelers, the drama is only beginning as the state of the locker room is in disarray.
The Steelers were about halfway through the season sitting at a 7-2-1 record when things changed very quickly as they ended the Season 9-6-1. Going into the last game of the season, Steelers fans had to root for the Browns to beat the Ravens, which did not happen. The Steelers also lost critical games to the Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Chargers, and New Orleans Saints. Ryan Hegarty, a passionate Steelers fan is very upset about the season’s outcome.
“At the season’s end, I feel like it was a foreshadowing of what the future holds. I think we are a lot better than the teams in the playoffs, but we didn’t deserve to be in them because of some losses.”
Le’Veon Bell sat out the whole season due to a contract issue; the team then raided his locker. Ben Roethlisberger threw teammates under the bus on his radio show, and Antonio Brown didn’t play the last game after a dispute with Ben. Hegarty is also very upset about the leadership.
“Leadership was the biggest problem. Injuries and other off field distractions were minor issues to the bigger problem.”
Antonio Brown has also been very active recently.  He is getting in on Twitter drama with former teammates and coaches.  He left at halftime during the last game of the season. Then, after everything came out, he posted more tweets implying that he wanted to play for a different team. Hegarty is a Brown fan but feels like it is time to part ways.
“He is holding us down, we should trade him for draft picks. It’s also an issue that the management did not address this.
Roethlisberger is also on the hot seat.  He is throwing people under the bus a lot. He seems to be the heart of most of these issues. Sandi Gluhic, a Steeler fanatic, is very upset about Roethlisberger.
“Ben is the worst leader in NFL history, he is always throwing his teammates under the bus. He is more of a distraction than anyone on this team.”
Mike Tomlin is also being called out for being a “player’s coach”, and not addressing serious issues. He said Brown was injured in the last week of the season, even though in reality he was not. Gluhic thinks Tomlin should have only one more year.
“Mike Tomlin cannot control his own locker, he lets Brown go on Facebook live after a playoff victory. He really lets the players do whatever he wants, he is a very undisciplined coach, and obviously this hasn’t worked for him. His 1 Super Bowl team was won with Cowher’s players.
The Steelers have a very bleak future, even current player Jesse James, thinks the Steelers are acting like the Kardashians, Dan Rooney is looking to have a very interesting offseason.  

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