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Is the dress code as harsh as it seems to be?

Keystone Oaks High School principal Mr. Jason Kushak is putting an emphasis on the Dress Code for students in the 2018-2019 school year.
The dress code is a set of written rules with regard to clothing that is in the school’s Code Of Conduct. The purpose of a dress code is to provide guidance to students as to appropriate attire for school and at any school function. Students of the Keystone Oaks High School have many different views on the dress code and have talked about the issue more and more lately.
Some students believe that it is a good idea, and it helps create a better learning environment, believing that inappropriate clothing can be distracting to fellow students who are trying to concentrate.
“I think that the dress code is definitely a good idea, but some rules are a little odd. It's not bad but definitely bias to gender,” stated freshman Aubreauna Scott.
The Principal Kushak has a different view about about the dress code.
“I try to make it as fair as possible, and I don't want it to be sexist. That’s why when I do make the announcement about the dress code, if I have to address a female issue, I always make sure to address a male issue with it so it doesn’t seem like I’m picking just on the girls.”
A lot of other kids still do believe that you do have a lot of freedom to wear whatever you want as long as it's school appropriate. Kushak even said that Keystone Oaks is less strict on the dress code than other schools who are more stricter on their dress code.
Boys also have their views on the dress code.
“I think it just depends it leans toward girls more because guys don’t get dress coded. It's alright because it’s strict enough and you still have the freedom to wear whatever you want as long as it's reasonable and appropriate,” said sophomore Max Zaborowski.
Some even wonder why wouldn’t it just be easier to wear uniforms so students wouldn’t get a dress code violation. Others disagree with that and believe that would not let students feel free to express themselves and that would hurt their self-expression.
“It would definitely make things easier for the staff, but I would rather just not wear uniforms,” said sophomore Elijah Melvin.
Zaborowski said that it would get a negative feedback because of the sudden change.
“I don’t think a uniform is a good way of taking away freedom of expressing themselves. It’s not fair. If nobody was following the Dress Code and it is getting to a point where its that bad then uniforms would be an option,” explained Scott.
Although both boys and girls have different views on the dress code, the dress code is fair.

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