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Race against the clock

As the bells ring in Keystone Oaks High School, students race against the clock to their classes in under three minutes with no time to spare.

According to senior Mattie Koss, three minutes is “too short.”  She also added that there was “not enough time to go to lockers and stuff.”

When researching and collecting data, it was a calculated response that in three minutes, you could make 618 ft*. However, that was without packing your books, putting things back into the classroom, and weaving through the many students in the halls. Also, not everyone walks the same pace (you might have the ‘texting while walking’ people).

Is the stress to get to another class (that can stress us out even more) really necessary? Also, you can’t run in the halls, so you are held by the rules and time. Senior Alaina Veason has an opposing view to this opinion.

“It helps keep people from just standing around, talking in the halls.” Also, we were let out early “Because McNeilly is closed, so they wanted to let us out a few minutes early to make up for the detour.”

In the mornings before school starts students all feel tired and drowsy. Sometimes getting through a class can be difficult to get through even if it is your favorite subject. Is it really worth it to wake up earlier in order to get out of school early?
According to Mattie Koss, “I don’t think it’s really worth it cause it’s proven that school starting later is better for students, and starting a little earlier and having less time between classes doesn’t really change anything.”

Supporting her opinion, are many articles, one in particular from the Sleep Foundation that states that: “Teens spend a great portion of each day in school; however, they are unable to maximize the learning opportunities afforded by the education system, since sleep deprivation impairs their ability to be alert, pay attention, solve problems, cope with stress and retain information.”

Although this time difference might not change, we should all try to use this as an important message to get more sleep per night. It can be a hard challenge with school or even work, but hopefully someone will realize that and can change the rules for the possible better.

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