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One team one dream

The Keystone Oaks girls soccer team has had a slow start to the season with a record of 1-8 but have high hopes to turn it around.

Although the team may not be having their best season, their team couldn’t get along better and have great chemistry on and off the field.

“All of the girls get along well together on and off of the field. We all are always looking out for each other and help one another get better as a team and as individuals,” said junior Ashleigh Lugaila.

“The girls get along great, we’re like one big family in a way. Being a freshman on the team is basically the same as any other grade except we have to takes turns getting gear, we’re all treated equally,” said freshman Jordan Skaris.

Though their season might not be as good as they hoped, they have improved a lot this season and have many strengths that they hope to improve on and use more in games.

“Our team does get along together well which really helps us on the field with communicating with each other. We do have our moments like any other team does but in my opinion it only brings us closer together as a team because we are only pushing each other to be our very best,” said sophomore Sydney Stahl.

The team does have many strengths, but like every other team they do have things that do hurt that team, for example injuries.

“One thing that hurts us the most is that we don’t have a big team so it’s hard to sub girls out, especially with four injuries at the moment,” said senior and captain Mira Stump.

Overal, the team is hoping to increase their amount of wins and end their season on a good note. They have had hours and hours of practices through the summer and school year and have been improving in many ways as a team and each individual player.

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