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Safety comes first

The state of Pennsylvania recently passed a law for all schools to create and practice an evacuation drill within the first 90 days of school to enable muscle memory to take over if an emergency should occur.

Keystone Oaks School District put this drill into practice in the 2017-18 school year, before the law was put into place. There is a specific location communicated to the students, teachers, and guardians to provide organization and unification.
Informing the community of where the safe place is would not be a hazard as “the Mt. Lebanon Police Department, the Dormont Police Department, and the City of Pittsburgh [Police Department] would be there.  There would probably be 20-30 to maybe 40 different police cars and fire trucks and ambulances. There would be a lot of police protection out there,” assured school Officer John Bruner.
While only a drill for now, the concern remains: will students follow what they’re taught in a real situation and go to the safe space?
“We can only hope so but… the more practice, the more routine this would become,” replied Superintendent Dr. William Stropkaj.
Bruner was convinced that “one or two or three, because of their age … would probably go home.”

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