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Students have multiple ways to earn community service hours

Obtaining 120 hours of community service by the end of high school is a graduation requirement for Keystone Oaks students, and although it can be rather difficult and stressful, students should be aware that there are many different opportunities out there to complete their community service.

When asking the students of Keystone Oaks how they personally complete their community service, three out of four of the students said that they do work through their church or on mission trips. Junior Nate Over, and Senior Eli Granger both said that church is the main way that they get their hours. Junior Patricia McLane said that she does work through both two different churches, and young marines.

Unlike the other students, freshman Natalie Andraca said, “I do babysitting for a single parent.”

There are many different ways to earn hours, but most of the students interviewed were very similar in how they earned them. As far as the hours go, most of the students say that it varies depending on what they can do. McLane said that she can earn up to over 100 hours because of the different things she does on the weekends. Over said that he has no time to do it during the school year, so he does it all during the summer.

When asked if they like community service, none of them said that they disliked it.

Over did say that, “ the work isn’t bad, but the fact that it’s mandatory puts a damper on it.” All of the other students say that they do like it.

Mrs.Smith, who is in charge of all the community service, had some things to say. Smith seemed to have the opinion that whatever the individual student wants to do for their community service is what they should do, as long as it meets the requirements. She didn’t have any advice or specific recommendations, except for how to find volunteer work.

Smith said to “look up volunteers wanted” and to go from there. She also said that she has “no clue how many monthly hours students should aim for,” but she did say that there are borough awards for outstanding community service, and that is something that would look good on college applications.

Overall, none of the students disliked doing their community service. Students can volunteer at libraries, hospitals, nursing homes, homeless shelters, etc. Overall, whatever the high schoolers want to do is what they should do to earn their hours and help their community.

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