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Academics and athletics: how challenging is it to balance both?

Many of the students who attend Keystone Oaks High School are also athletes who face numerous amounts of difficulties balancing their time between athletics and academics. The biggest struggle for some students is successfully finding a way to manage their time.

“My biggest struggle being a student-athlete would have to be finding a good balance between spending time with friends, going to work, attending school, and playing sports. You need to find a way to evenly balance your time to be successful,” said senior Madison Grogan.

Managing time is a struggle for students everywhere, not just for the students at Keystone Oaks High School. Principal Jason Kushak also agrees with Grogan about managing time.

“Student-athletes need to learn how to manage their time better. I was once a coach myself and I know how difficult it was for my students to find a way to get everything done on time,” claimed Kushak.

Having dedication to your academics and the sport you’re taking part in plays a big role in being a successful student-athlete. Even though it may be hard to fit everything in, you have to want to succeed.

“The most successful student-athletes are ones who are willing to go above and beyond both academically and athletically, puts time in on and off the court, and who takes responsibility for what needs to be done,” declared Athletic Director Mark Elphinstone.

Procrastination is probably one of the worst traits a student-athlete can inherit.

“My biggest struggle would be trying to get all of my homework done on game days. On game nights I usually go to sleep around one in the morning,” claimed sophomore Sierra Le Donne. “Make sure not to procrastinate and just get everything done that you need to.”

Being a student-athlete can either make or break you. You have to find a way to have your main focus on being a magnificent student, but also be able to focus on your athletics just as much.

“For some students, academics come easily and they don’t have to put as much time in as other students who may struggle more. It’s really 50/50,” said Elphinstone.

However, Grogan has her own opinion on being a student- athlete.

“I think being a student-athlete makes you a better student overall. Being not just an athlete, but a student as well pushes you to places you’ve never been before.”

Being a student-athlete also pushes you to become the best version of yourself by staying organized and always on top of things. With your success also comes failure. Sometimes you’re going to fail, but you have to pick yourself up and not let it break you down.

“The best trait any student-athlete can possess is the ability to overcome adversity. One’s ability to play the next play or throw the next strike is what separates the good ones from the bad ones. Never be afraid to fail, failure is what makes us better,” stated Nicholas Kamberis, Physical Education teacher at Keystone Oaks High School.

Being able to still come out successful after failing once, twice, or a thousand times is how student-athletes become triumphant, and if one’s able to accomplish this, they will come out on top

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