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Keystone Oaks welcomes its newest principal

 A principal can be a very strong figure in a school, and it's important to have a principal that keeps the school safe and provides a healthy environment. Over the past couple of years, Keystone Oaks has had several different principals, and the newest principal, Jason Kushak, will be joining Keystone Oaks School District this school year.

Experience and being able to handle students who are a handful and being able to help students when they are having a rough day is a major aspect for a principal. According to Kushak, he has been a principal for six years. He has a master's in teaching for grades K-12. A good education is of key importance. Kushak graduated from The University of Pittsburgh which in ranked #68 in national universities.

When being a principal, it is important to be apart of school events and interact with the students.

“I do enjoy attending school events. I went to my first Friday night football game, and I enjoyed the KO Krazies,” said Kushak.

He also played football when he was in school, and he really enjoyed it. He said that he would never trade that experience for anything.

Switching from teacher to principal was a decision he did not take lightly. Kushak decided he wanted to be a principal because he thought that he could be a bigger influence if his title was “principal” and not “teacher.” Before moving to Keystone Oaks, Kushak was a principal at Brownsville School District for four years.

Hopefully, Kushak enjoys Keystone Oaks and will continue being the High school's principal for several more years.

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