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How social media affects our lives

There are definitely many benefits to social media, as there are disadvantages. There are many ways that you can incorporate social media into your school life, just like you do outside of school. A lot of students use social media to connect with their peers to talk about school.
Senior, Olivia Dewick, believes that, “Social media plays such a large role in today’s society. It allows you to connect with your friends or people from around the world. It’s a platform full of all different types of information.”
Social media is a great way to keep up with what’s going around on around you everyday.
Junior, Jaylen Hoffmann, thinks that “Because so many people use their phones you can use social media to notify people of when certain events are occurring. For example, people at our school use twitter to let people know what the theme is for the football game or when there is a club meeting.”
Although there are many benefits to social media there are some downfalls. Some people can become consumed in social media, and miss what’s going on around them.
Junior, Alyssa Getty, says that “Social media entraps users and makes people obsessed with showing others their whole life and can make people feel bad about themselves, and feel the need to make themselves something that they’re not just because it’s what everyone else is doing.”
Junior, Sarah Chormanski, agrees with Getty.
“Yes, people should understand that there’s lots to do besides sit on your phone. There is a time and place to be enjoying the world around you.”
Hoffmann also believes that “social media has been the substitute for people physically communicating with others.”
The benefits to social media make it fun to interact with others, and being able to incorporate it into your school lives makes it even better.

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