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Senior wins KDKA Extra Effort Award

KDKA Extra Effort Award Winner

 The KDKA Extra Effort award recognizes a high school student who excels not only in the classroom but also on the field or court and in the community. Keystone Oaks senior Josh Snell received this honor in front of his classmates on Tuesday, September 26th.
Snell exemplifies all of these characteristics and is an overall role model for his fellow classmates. Snell’s guidance counselor, Nicole Varrenti agrees.
“He is an outstanding student, is currently taking a college class through his participation in our Dual Enrollment program, and his academic success is consistent with his ‘above and beyond’ approach to community service. Of course I see him as a big role model for younger students.”
Snell’s work ethic in and out of school is what allows him to be so successful.
“His attention to detail when it comes to a specific sport, all of the work he puts in was on his own. All the sports he plays, he relies on himself. He puts in the work. He attacks sports the same way he attacks school, he doesn’t stop until he’s the best,” said veteran golf coach Mr. Sarchet.
Now many other students in the school carry the talent that Snell has, but Coach Sarchet sees him differently.
“What sets him apart is his work ethic. It’s what has made him the golfer he is today. He’s ten times better than he was last year. He started by putting in his basement and setting a net up in his backyard.”
With an incredible 273.25 community service hours, Snell takes pride in the person he has become with the help of his family.
“My family really pushed me to be involved in the community because I always loved to see the things they would do for other people and I hoped it would wear off on me. Especially my sister, she would give whatever she had to somebody less fortunate without a second thought and I aspire to be that way.”
His involvement with athletics along with his community work is very impressive.
“Sports play a huge role in my life because ever since I was young I needed to be doing something involving athletics, and with the community I usually do things with my church group like food banks and things involved with younger kids. We don't do anything revolutionary but I like to give back some of what I've been blessed with.”
Snell has made his mark as a positive role model through hard work and plans to continue his ways far beyond high school.

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