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Hritz Charges Into KO with Momentum

Keystone Oaks High School added a new member to their staff for the 2019-2020 school year, physics teacher Rebecca Hritz, as they were in need of another teacher for the class.

Hritz has been teaching for 12 years and received her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Youngstown State University. She made the move to Keystone Oaks from Upper St. Clair High School, where she also taught physics. She had also been a long-term physics substitute at Mt. Lebanon High School and taught at a high school in Ohio for ten years before making the move to Pittsburgh area.

Although only being at the school for a few months, the students have shown a liking to Hritz and her teaching.

“My favorite thing about Mrs. Hritz’s teaching is how she offers help to people who may not speak up in class, because they don’t want to be wrong. She also makes the notes understandable and fun,” said junior Riley Frushell who has Hritz for her physics class.

She has proven herself to be a very good teacher, helping students do their best in class and giving them the help and attention they each need. Many of the students expressed this.

“I do enjoy her class. She goes in depth on her physics questions, does the notes with the class, and really provides additional help and answers questions well in her class,” said junior Rutger Randall.

Not only has Keystone Oaks taken a liking to Mrs. Hritz, Mrs. Hritz has taken a liking to Keystone Oaks.

“I love that it is so close to my house, and that my classroom has windows! I also like getting to work with Mrs. McSwigan because I used to be the only physics teacher at my school,” said Hritz.

Everyone at Keystone Oaks has shown excitement for her and has great expectations for the school year. She has been a great addition to the staff and will help make this year a great year for everyone.


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