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Are the Steelers Throwing in the Terrible Towel?

The Steelers season is starting inadequately as they began with a 1-3 stretch and have lost their star quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, from an injury needing elbow surgery.

Big Ben has been having troubles with his elbow for a long time and recently signed a three-year contract with the Steelers. Not long ago, Roethlisberger had surgery on that elbow. Football fan, Kyle Le, commented on this quarterback issue

“Next man up, you need to keep up with that mentality.”

Roethlisberger has had multiple injuries over his years of playing football, but that has not stopped him from coming back and playing his best games. He is a strong player and told the media he expects to come back and compete until his contract is up. Mr. Kamberis, who is an avid Patriots fan, made a statement on how he feels Roethlisberger will come back next season.

“Because he is a competitor, he will come back stronger and better than before, but part of me wishes he would just retire.”

Ninth grade history teacher, Mr. Murphy, also made a statement on Roethlisberger coming back in a year from his injury.

“He will have a lot of time to evaluate other players in the league. He will expand his knowledge on plays.”

Due to Roethlisberger having to sit out the rest of the season because of his elbow injury, Mason Rudolph, Steelers backup quarterback, will now need to step up and show that he is ready for the task. Since he will now be the starting quarterback for this year, what do people feel the season will be like with him as the starting quarterback? Junior Kira Roberto made an observation.

“It is unsure, he would need to establish chemistry with the players.”

Playoffs may be a long time from now, but our predictions for who might make them are lingering. The Steelers are not starting off on good terms, but have a lot of time to recover and possibly start winning.  

“With or without Ben, I think it could add a games difference. We don’t know how this new kid is going to be, so there is a chance we could make it two or more games above, or two or more games below. Ben could make a difference. I always thought that the Steelers were a .500 team,” said Murphy.

The Steelers started the season off on a bad foot. They just won their first game on Monday, the 30th and it is unsure how the rest of the season will pan out. Roethlisberger sitting out might be a deficit to the team but we still have the key sections of the team. They still have our backup quarterback, our offence, and our defence. As long as they all maintain a stronghold, the Steelers can make a big comeback this season. Kamberis, who is a football fan, commented on this.

“They will have to lean on the running game and a strong defense. If they do this, they have a chance to compete and win games.”

This year at the draft, the Steelers picked up a first-round draft pick. They picked up a linebacker who played at the University of Michigan. Devin Bush is talented and is showing promise for the team. Freshman, Ilya Abbasiyan, gave his opinion on how he feels Bush will do.

“I hope Bush doesn’t do bad and might exceed my expectations.”

Antonio Brown is a subject that gets Steelers fans into heated conversations. He got traded to the Raiders, then released, then picked up by the Patriots within a couple of months. He is troublesome in most fans’ eyes. He has only caused trouble within the league these past couple of months with all of the scandals he has been through. Le said something that is important for the Steelers fans to remember.

“We just can’t worry about him anymore.”

The Steelers have a long journey ahead of them, and they will most likely prove to their fans that they should continue to watch them finish off with a strong end.

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