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RSS Feeds can save time online

Today there are thousands of news sites, blogs, and other online publishers each with a different website. Instead of visiting each website to stay up to date, RSS feeds can combine all their updates onto one page. This is especially useful for websites that add articles or announcements often.

To use an RSS feed, you have to click the symbol (right) placed in any RSS-enabled website. Copy the address of the ensuing page and paste it into an RSS reader. Once this is done, you should receive updates from the RSS-enabled page to your RSS reader.

RSS readers come in a variety of forms. You can download one or find one online. Some are only on the computer, while others have apps. For my setup, I prefer to use Feedreader Online because of its clean and modern interface. It’s easy to add a new feed and categorize your feeds. You can mark each feed as read or unread and star items. Unfortunately, I am unable to find an app for mobile devices.

To start using Feedreader Online, visit

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