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Stagelight makes music creation available to the masses

In the past, making music has been the job of a select few who have enough money to pay for the expenses and enough skill to know how to work instruments, software, etc. But in the age of technology, where you can find a computer in nearly every home, it is no longer such an exclusive profession. Personal computers have expanded the number of artists in the music industry, but the two basic complications still withheld this revolution from the masses: money to buy software and skill to use it. The people at OpenLabs created Stagelight specifically to solve these issues and have produced a program that is easy for anyone to learn and use and costs a fraction compared to most other music software, all while not sacrificing quality.
Stagelight starts you off with two options, to start a new song or to take a lesson. The lesson lets you choose a genre and guides you through the basic steps of making a song on Stagelight. In just a couple of minutes, you’ll end up with the beginnings of a song.
What if you want to make your own song from scratch? Stagelight provides hundreds of sounds for you to choose from, and to use them you just click on a grid that represents a bar of music. One axis is the beats, the other is the notes. No knowledge of a music staff or written sheet music is required. You can adjust the speed of the song, the time signature, and a dozen other settings in a menu at the top. To make sure you never play a bad note, there’s a feature called Key Lock that only shows the right notes that fit in a certain key of music. Once you’re done with one instrument track, you can move on to the next one and build a song!
If you want to get slightly more advanced, you have plenty of options to master the music and add effects to the instruments. Stagelight even supports MIDI controllers and input through an audio interface for musicians who prefer to use physical instruments rather than the digital ones that come in the software. If you prefer the digital instruments, there is a store that provides hundreds of new loops and sounds for you to purchase.
If you’ve never made music before but are interested in learning how it works, Stagelight is the best place to start your music-making career. You won’t be able to just sit down and make a #1 hit in an hour, but after a few lessons and messing around with the software for a bit you’ll have the resources you need to make a professional-sounding tune. Stagelight is only as complicated as you make it; the software is super simple for beginners but has plenty of advanced features, leaving room for you to grow in creativity and complexity.
The clearest way to understand Stagelight is to see pictures of it at You can also download Stagelight from that website for Android, macOS, and Windows devices. There are three bundles, each one with more features than the last: Stagelight ($0.00), Core ($9.99), and Ultimate ($49.99). I highly recommend at least the free version to anyone who has even the tiniest bit of interest in the music industry.

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