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Pens get ready for round two

On Thursday April 20th, the Pittsburgh Penguins Won game five of the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs against the Columbus Blue Jackets and advanced to round two. This is the second straight season the Penguins have taken the Jackets down in order to move on.
As the race for the playoffs heated up, the penguins went on a tear to close out the season. Despite many injuries, the pens were able to overcome almost every opponent. It was thought to be a tough matchup going against the startlingly good Blue Jackets, but they were able to send Columbus packing in only five games.
Students who followed the NHL were enthusiastic to see the Penguins make another push for the championship.
Senior Eric Douglas voice his jubilation by saying, “With Kris Letang out, I thought we for sure would've been in trouble. I’m happy they are staying hot and I hope we win it all.”
Senior Jada Jones thinks, “It has been a good season again. It’s fun going to the big screen with my friends so I hope they keep winning.”
The Pittsburgh Penguins will face the the Washington Capitals, who beat the Toronto Maple Leafs 4-2 in the series.
Most Penguins fans were rooting for the Maple Leafs because the Washington Capitals are always a tough adversary. The Capitals have added onto their already elite team. Last year the Penguins took them down in six games on their way to winning the Stanley Cup.
Pride and excitement fill the town as the whole city cheers on the hometown team. Back-to-back championships haven’t been in the city for many years. 2016-2017 might possibly rekindle that flame.

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