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AP tests are fast approaching

This season brings in warm weather, excitement for the end of the year, and testing. Students taking AP classes have become aware of the small window of time they have to prepare, so studying is a must.
Senior Lena Grogan this year is taking the AP biology exam, and plans to start cracking down right away with friends. She also is participating in the study group run by Mrs. Deemer for her students. She took the AP European History exam last year, and knows what to do differently this year to prepare to improve her scores.
“The subjects are very different, but memorization is key. I’m going to look over my materials continuously because it is a matter of applying what you know,” Grogan said.
Also taking AP exams is senior Melissa Bronder, who has taken on four exams this year. She is a very studious person, who does well academically. So, she knows that studying and continuously practicing the application of knowledge is key to passing.
“I think I’m going to watch Gossip Girl to prepare because I love it. I’ll probably do that all weekend,” she said.
Of course, she was kidding, but urges students not to stress out over the exams. It’s better to be prepared ahead of time then to cram the night before the test.
There are various groups of students getting together in the school for studying, or for just discussing materials. Other options that teachers have been urging students is to watch review videos, take practice tests, and work together when there is time. Two brains are better than one, so it makes sense that finding a ‘study buddy’ could be beneficial.
Students who take these courses already know a ton of information to help them prepare for their lives, and these tests will only help them if they plan on moving on to college. Studying is key to passing these tests, so tis’ the season.

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