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KO celebrates Pi Day

by Ryan O’Leary

Pi day is approaching and with every student being in some sort of math class, they have all dealt with the unusual irrational number in class before whether it was solving a circle or just an algebraic expression, everyone in high school has seen pi before, and also pie. With this day coming up, it’s time to see how students feel about the number or the dessert, whichever is more important, and also what teachers have planned.
March 4th was Pi Day and most students say it’s just a regular day, besides some kids wearing pi shirts and bracelets, but then there’s the math teachers who get way too into it with 14 pies in their classroom or just yelling at kids, “Happy Pi Day!” However, the day could get you out of a math lesson. So, how many digits of pi do kids know? It was underwhelming. Other schools did challenges like memorizing as many numbers as you can, and the longest one gets a prize, or a pie eating contest.
“I know a few, but it’s been awhile since pi was even relevant, so 3.1415926,” said Senior Melanie Schuler.
Although talking about pi, makes you think of pie. So, trying to lighten up the school day, everyone got to think about pie and name their favorite flavor. The kids who answered mostly answered with apple or blueberry, but there were always the one person only answering with a flavor no one’s ever heard of before.
“My favorite flavor would probably be Dutch apple pie or cherry,” said freshman Brianna Pierce.
With many students being involved in math clubs or the advanced math classes, Mr. Kirchner is pretty much the counselor of this day, putting everything together, setting up surprises for his kids in the advanced and honors classes.
“I have 14 pies for the number after the decimal point and the rest is a surprise so I don’t want anyone seeing the article and gossiping,” said Kirchner.
So, maybe next year schools will give a day off just in the spirit of the what should be national holiday. Pi day next year all schools in America will have the day off, but not really, math teachers will probably just give more work because of the math-related holiday or just completely ignore it and keep moving on in their lessons.

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