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Students look to the future in job shadow

Starting in December, Ms. Kraemer implemented a job shadow program for all seniors in CP English, in order to help them explore possible career choices and gain an idea if they are going in the right direction, education-wise.
The students had to choose a field of interest that is a potential for them to study or pursue in college. They had to spend a day taking notes on and following the person they shadowed, and then write an essay describing their experience. Kraemer, who had done a similar program when she was in school herself, came up with the idea to implement a job shadow program for her English classes, and has been greatly supported by the guidance office.
Kraemer stated, “I think it was very enlightening to see what a real job was like, both the exciting and boring parts, as opposed to what you imagine it to be like in your mind. It’s also important to discuss what someone’s education and job training process was like.”
Kraemer hopes that the students had an engaging experience, and explore different formats in essay-writing.
Senior Nicole Sobieralski shadowed Ms. Gomeric, a first-grade teacher at Aiken Elementary in the hope of pursuing a teaching career in the future.
“I realized that teaching is a very rewarding job to have, and it’s what I want to do. The most positive part of the whole experience was getting to work with the children,” claimed Sobieralski.
Sobieralski enjoyed the program quite a bit because it gave her a better idea of what she plans on pursuing following college. She even stated that she may want to shadow a teacher who instructs higher grade levels in the future to get a different view of the education field.
Senior Lauren McMillen shadowed Sarah Welch, the public relations communicator for the school district, based on a reference that Kraemer gave her.
“I was a little nervous that I wasn’t going to like the job but I really did enjoy the experience, and I now feel reassured that I want to pursue something related to that field for the rest of my life,” stated McMillen.
Kraemer is incredibly pleased that the students had such positive experiences, and is proud to say that one student has already received a job because of the shadowing program.
Kraemer plans on continuing this experience in the future, especially through support from guidance and the rest of the senior class.

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